• Lessons from Pope Francis To Keep in Our Hearts
  • On loving two: Will I be able to love my second child as much as my first?
  • Designs You’ll Love: Free Printable February 2015 Calendar
  • A more blissful pregnancy journey…
  • Free Printable January 2015 Calendars

DMC: Dare Your Mind to Create (Beautiful Things)


At my parents’ home, we still have this big cross-stitch of a lady ballerina. It was lovingly stitched by my mom, with a little help from the little me back then. I could still vividly remember her instructions every time she would hand the cross-stich to me: “Left over right, Okay?” And while stitching, we talked and laughed about so many things. The first blog event that I attended this year rekindled the bliss I felt in cross-stitching back when I was a kid. It was a craft affair hosted by ... [ Read More ]

Why I Think Preggy Moms are Pretty

maternity photo idea

It's barely 8 weeks to go before the ideal delivery of our little darling. Where did time go? And while I look at my growing belly right now, I can't help but appreciate its beauty: It's big and round and shiny and I feel my baby wriggling around! I'm loving this bump, really. Pregnancy is truly a glorious time in a woman's life!   I funnily remember that ever since I got pregnant with our first-born and experienced the hard work behind carrying life, I find ALL pregnant moms ... [ Read More ]

Posters for Our Home: Inspiring Messages from Pope Francis

pope francis quotes 1

I thought of creating posters for our home today,  quoted from Pope Franci's homily during his visit here in the country. His words are full of wisdom and grace... I always want to see them hanging on our bedroom wall. I am sharing these lovely quotes on the blog today. May these words inspire us all! Such inspiring words to always keep our family guided, right? I just love the pope dearly! Do you want to use these posters in your home, too? You may download the PDF  copies here.  ... [ Read More ]

Lessons from Pope Francis To Keep in Our Hearts

Photo by Franco Origlia

How I loved the past five days. I felt like I was having glimpses of the divine. Have you felt the same?  The pastoral visit of His Holiness Pope Francis here in our beloved country, Philippines, was such a religious experience! I had goosebumps, I shed tears, I felt loved, I felt blessed.  These (and more other things I couldn't explain) were my experiences in my encounter with him. His simple gestures such as blessing and kissing a child and tirelessly waving  hands were just so ... [ Read More ]

A Roundup of 2015 Printable Planners and Calendars


We're halfway on our first month of the year, how has your new year been so far? If you'd  ask me, my family has been having a great new year! Our January is settling in quietly with lot's of blessings rushing in. Thank you, Lord! Well, since I know some of you are still looking for 2015 planners and calendars to use, I've hand-picked some beautifully designed printables to post on the blog today. Ah, there are so many talented designers all over the web!   I fell in love with several ... [ Read More ]

On loving two: Will I be able to love my second child as much as my first?

kyle and mom

Before my husband left for work this morning, he casually asked if I was already ready to be a new mom again. “Not yet completely”, I said. I shared  how I excited I am with the arrival of our new joy on the blog last night, but I guess I am being a bit emotional right now knowing that it's going to be so soon (hormones,maybe?). I am concerned about being a mom with two children to love. “How can I equally divide my love to both of my children so that one does not feel ‘less loved' than ... [ Read More ]

Pregnancy Update: Entering the 3rd Trimester!

maternity pictures

I'm on week 29th of my pregnancy right now. I've just entered the biggest and the roundest 3rd trimester, the final lap! Yaay! I must say that I am one happy, preggo. All the challenges I had three months ago is only a blip in my memory today. I could even forget that I had surgery in this pregnancy if not with the long scar I see (across my entire belly, literally)   because I feel no. pain. at. all. Yup, I have an awesome God! I used to think that the scar would bring so much ... [ Read More ]

Welcome, 2015!


Where do we begin? We begin any morning, any task, any challenge with gratitude. And so for this brand new year, I'd like to acknowledge all the blessings showered upon me and my family that took us this far. I'll then begin this year by thanking you, Father, for all your love! Ah,  how refreshing it is  to welcome my 2015 with gratitude in my heart because I know I am starting the year not with a blank slate but with so much grace already! I am also confident that God will continue to bless ... [ Read More ]

A more blissful pregnancy journey…

capturing my baby bump

Ah, the beauty of knowing that the little darling in my tummy is now having a more peaceful journey! It's just amazing how I feel right now, moms. After being homebound for so long recovering from my surgery during this pregnancy, my heart is now overflowing with joy seeing my long cut healing, while my tummy growing! And now that I am on my 23rd week, I have also left morning sickness and those nasty mood swings! Well I guess I am now enjoying what they call  "pregnancy bloom" as I am now in ... [ Read More ]

Free 2015 Printable Calendar by ShiningMom.com: Fun and Colorful!

2015 monthly calendar printable

Guess what? I am already sharing my freshly designed 2015 printable calendars!! It's too early I know, but this was lovingly requested by a dear teacher reader who said that she would love to use it  for the incoming school year. Here goes her email that made me work on the calendars outright: "I LOVE your printable monthly calendars…SO cute!!! Do you plan on making them for 2015 as well?? I am a teacher and would love to have them for the whole 2014-2015 school year!! Thanks!" I have a soft ... [ Read More ]

Introducing: Disney Baking Gift Set

disney baking for kids

I'm happy to announce that Melawares is releasing their newest addition to their Kid's line: the Disney Baking Gift set. The gift set includes a whole selection of baking tools that will surely delight your kids as they bake because they come in cute-shaped Disney characters! The Disney Baking Gift Set consists of a silicone chocolate mold, small and large silicone cake pan, small and large non-stick cake pan, silicone pancake mold, plastic mold, plastic and metal cookie cutters, and even ... [ Read More ]