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Cute Calendars for July 2015 {Free!}

free printable july 2015 calendar cute

I'm dropping a short but sweet post today. Since I was able to create a few more calendars for this month last night, I have a small gift for you again to jumpstart this beautiful month: your free printable July 2015 calendars! Would you believe it's already JULY? How time flies! Would you like to preview the calendars on a larger scale? Scroll down to check the designs. You might like one or two, who knows? Cute July 2015 Calendar with Notes I just love this one. You can have it ... [ Read More ]

On a High Note: The Regine Series Mall Tour!


One of the things that I remember most fondly about my high school years was how I was so blown away byRegine Velasquez. I would always play and sing her songs in my room after school. Well I guess you could imagine how I reacted when I was seated right in front of her on a concert last weekend. Ah, what a nostalgia! I spent my last weekend with a blast. But why, being serenaded by no less than the Asia’s Songbird for the second leg of PLDT HOME’s 5-mall concert series held at Robinson’s ... [ Read More ]

Free Printable: Your Lovely 2016 Calendars!

free printable 2016 calendar

Today on the blog, I am beyond thrilled to present to you our free printable 2016 calendars! Yup, you can already plan your year ahead as I am now releasing our lovely calendars for 2016! The design that you're enjoying most dearly among our 2015 calendar sets is what I am again publishing today (but with a little twist-- I filled in the days of the week with colors to prettify it)! Well I guess the entire set is going to make a great calendar to use in planning your year 2016 ahead, ... [ Read More ]

Free Printable: Your Party Planner!

Via Labski Forografi

Attention party planning moms! I want to give you a little treat that is sure to make your party planning a snap! To help you organize your child's party, I have here a free printable Party Planner for you! You'll be eased to have this planner handy (yup, that's for sure)! I've long wanted to create planners specifically for party planning but I couldn't fit creating them in my schedule. But since I was able to dance my tiny baby to sleep early last night, I finally had the time! This ... [ Read More ]

My Heart is Full


There is this line that brings sparkle to my boy's eyes each time I whisper it in his ears. It excites him when I ask him to come close to me as I would tell him this very line again. Do you want to know what it is? This, I tell my boy: "You know what son? Every time I see you, my heart is full of love!" Yes, just that simple line. So simple yet enough to to form curls on the corners of my little boy's lips. I also say this very line to my tiny baby and I can feel he's happy to hear it as ... [ Read More ]

Moms, check out our back to school printables!

The boy will be back to school next week and we're now preparing him for his most-awaited first day. His excitement is mounting because he's finally going to "THE big school" as how he calls it. This morning, I had to search my previous back to school printable posts since I'll be needing them again; and I thought of compiling them as well for today's post to share with you. I found a few, and I hope to be able to build more in the coming days. Meanwhile, here are the free printables we've ... [ Read More ]