• The Power of Praying Parents
  • Tips for Sorting and Thawing Your Breast Milk
  • Honeysuckle® Breastmilk Storage Bags Review + Giveaway
  • Watsons’ Bath to Basics
  • Where to Find Cute Food Plating Ideas for Kids

The Power of Praying Parents


In one of my last days of work at the institution I have joyfully served for eight years, I had this special coffee session with one of my colleagues. Funny that we never really went out together in that span of working years together when in fact I consider her as one of my closest. Maybe because she has always been busy and maybe because we each have our own sets of friends. Our conversation was a heart-to-heart one.  We talked about why I had to leave the institution I have dearly loved, ... [ Read More ]

Tips for Sorting and Thawing Your Breast Milk

Honeysuckle-Breastmilk-Storage-Bags (1)

The other day, I did a brief review of Honeysuckle Breastmilk Storage Bags and as promised, I am sharing some tips for sorting and thawing your breast milk on the blog today. These tips are lifted from the Honeysuckle brochure sent over to me.   Here then are some tips for sorting and thawing your breast milk: Do not fill bags 3/4 full to allow the milk to expand as it freezes. Keep milk expressed on diffrent days in separate bags. Lay bags flat during storage. Place the ... [ Read More ]

Honeysuckle® Breastmilk Storage Bags Review + Giveaway

honeysuckle breast milk bags

Back when I was still breastfeeding my boy (that was four years ago!),  breastfeeding bags were one of those things that I always purchased especially when I had to go back to work already. I was one of those moms who never surrendered breastfeeding and pumping until the day my breasts stopped producing milk.  After all, the best gift that we can give our children  is our breast milk! I love blogging about products that are of great help for moms. Like breast milk storage bags, for ... [ Read More ]

Watsons’ Bath to Basics

There were several Buy1 Take1 items bath essentials at Watsons!

It’s very relaxing to have a bath early in the morning to set a positive mood and at night to melt away the stress brought about by a tiring day. Last week, we were treated to one of the things that I love to do which I get to enjoy every day: bathing. Yes, as Watsons Philippines launched its Bath to Basics campaign which aims to educate people about the importance of maintaining their bathing habits to achieve better health and skin, I, together fellow bloggers, soaked for some minutes in ... [ Read More ]

Where to Find Cute Food Plating Ideas for Kids

cute food plating idea

If you have read my article for the #ParentingNerd website, then you may already know what makes the little Macalinao run in excitement towards our dining table whenever we dab a little creativity with his food- his cutely plated meals! As the kid is now enjoying his fruits and veggies all the more with this strategy, we're doing food art more often at home these days. Today on the blog, I'm listing down and sharing my favorite resources for food plating ideas. Note: This post could inspire ... [ Read More ]

The Birthday Dad

sky ranch tagaytay

The other day, my husband Alex turned 32. To celebrate his day, we had quick breakfast in Tagaytay plus we took the kid to Sky Ranch. We didn't stay in Tagaytay overnight as I first planned because Alex had to leave early for another work-related trip to Indonesia. Though we only stayed in Tagaytay for few hours, the time we had was well spent. His birthday turned out to be a great bonding day for the family. =)   See you soon for your much-awaited birthday dinner treat, ... [ Read More ]