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Have you tried Pansit Cabagan (PANsi Cabagan)? If you travel up north this is one delicious noodle dish that you must try! It's surprising that I never got to  blog about this native delicacy when in fact my hometown Cabagan is its origin. Travelers would often drop by our town to savor the unique taste of our very own pancit!   The History of Pancit Cabagan I had the chance to access the study conducted by the Socio-cultural and Higher Education Research Department of Isabela ... [ Read More ]

The colorful 2015 Monthly Calendars by ShiningMom.com are here!

2015 calendar free

It's the time of the year that you start scouting for your 2015 calendar and I hear you! Today on the blog, I am already sharing another free printable monthly calendar set for the year 2015! Since you've enjoyed the 2014 bold and colorful version, I have just created a similar one. Each monthly calendar come in vibrant splash of refreshing colors plus lots of white spaces for you to write on--- great and perfect to use to plan your new year ahead! The 2015 monthly calendars I've posted here ... [ Read More ]

The Week That Was: Battling Morning Sickness + Dating with Family & Friends


I haven't written for a little more than a week on this blog. It's because of the pregnancy.  I am experiencing persistent lightheadedness and frequent bouts of dizziness. I've seen my OB-GYN  twice this week because of the difficulty. Glad that I feel better right now hence I am finally on my laptop, and hopeful that it progresses in the coming days so I could get back to work. My OB said the feeling of lightheadedness is probably due to to my insufficient food and drink intake because right ... [ Read More ]

We are Expecting!


Yes, we are on the way and we're so thrilled with this news as the family has looong waited for it! Finally, we're going to be a tribe of four and we're very happy and mighty proud! We've learned about this huge blessing entrusted to us  3 weeks ago. I am now on my 9th week, the stage of feeling nauseated through the day, but I am one, happy nauseated mom! =) It's just funny that it was our little boy who did most of this pregnancy announcement to our relatives. Like with my parents, for ... [ Read More ]

Babyland Safety Fair + Giveaway!

Safety Zone Poster Web Ready

They say that being a parent means having an extension of your heart outside of yourself.  So true!  Aside from all your other roles and responsibilities, you as a parent worry about your child’s diet, skin care, physical health, social and mental development... and the list goes on! With so many other things to be concerned about, it helps to be knowledgeable on the everyday dangers that your child may be exposed to, and how to protect them.  Educating yourself can help you make informed ... [ Read More ]

Holiday in Tagaytay City

picnic grove tagaytay

Since it was a holiday yesterday, we drove to Tagaytay for a short break. Yes, it wasn’t planned as usual. My husband just awoke me and my kid early in the morning and asked if we wanted to tag along with his colleagues to the place. It was them who had a scheduled trek to Taal Volcano but since my husband couldn’t hike at that time and he knew I was having deep cravings for burgers, he said we will just join them on their way, and will have a split activity later on. We first took his ... [ Read More ]