• We are Expecting!
  • Babyland Safety Fair + Giveaway!
  • Holiday in Tagaytay City
  • Mother-Son Bucket List
  • Fun & Easy Food Plating for Kids: A #ParentingNerd Feeding Fun Tip By Shining Mom

We are Expecting!


Yes, we are on the way and we're so thrilled with this news as the family has looong waited for it! Finally, we're going to be a tribe of four and we're very happy and mighty proud! We've learned about this huge blessing entrusted to us  3 weeks ago. I am now on my 9th week, the stage of feeling nauseated through the day, but I am one, happy nauseated mom! =) It's just funny that it was our little boy who did most of this pregnancy announcement to our relatives. Like with my parents, for ... [ Read More ]

Babyland Safety Fair + Giveaway!

Safety Zone Poster Web Ready

They say that being a parent means having an extension of your heart outside of yourself.  So true!  Aside from all your other roles and responsibilities, you as a parent worry about your child’s diet, skin care, physical health, social and mental development... and the list goes on! With so many other things to be concerned about, it helps to be knowledgeable on the everyday dangers that your child may be exposed to, and how to protect them.  Educating yourself can help you make informed ... [ Read More ]

Holiday in Tagaytay City

picnic grove tagaytay

Since it was a holiday yesterday, we drove to Tagaytay for a short break. Yes, it wasn’t planned as usual. My husband just awoke me and my kid early in the morning and asked if we wanted to tag along with his colleagues to the place. It was them who had a scheduled trek to Taal Volcano but since my husband couldn’t hike at that time and he knew I was having deep cravings for burgers, he said we will just join them on their way, and will have a split activity later on. We first took his ... [ Read More ]

Mother-Son Bucket List

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After reading Susan Merril's  post on creating a mother-son bucket list, I got so inspired to scribble down my own. I'm sharing the short list that flashed in my mind right after deciding to create my own list on the blog today. Here it is! My mother-son bucket list! Plant a tree. Fly a kite. Decorate his own room. Wake him up in the middle of his afternoon nap and take him to a surprise trip to a pet store and get a pet for him! Visit and explore the Lego Land, ... [ Read More ]

Fun & Easy Food Plating for Kids: A #ParentingNerd Feeding Fun Tip By Shining Mom

1- sail away

There is this little thing that makes the little guy in the house run in excitement to the dining table: his cutely-plated meal! Eating has become a little more exciting for the little Macalinao (he’s 4 years old) every time I do some cute plating with his food! I’ve discovered this fun way to serve nutritious and visually appealing meals/snacks just recently. Being a parenting nerd, I always look for better ways to serve my kid’s food. And since my kid enjoys his “funny plate” very much, ... [ Read More ]

The Beautiful San Pablo Church, Isabela

san pablo church

Last week, I blogged about our trip to my beloved province Isabela, and as I previously mentioned, I'll be featuring this very charming and elegant Spanish-era church located just a  few minutes away from  my hometown: the San Pablo Church. Let me tour you around this spectacular church. San Pablo Church  was built in 1624, it is said to be the oldest in the province. It has elegant walls surrounding its atrium with gorgeous clay insets of rosettes and sun emblems decorating the ... [ Read More ]