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Tracking Milestones: Our baby said his first word!

IMG_20150823_204355 (1)

My husband joyfully announced that our baby finally said a word this morning which made us all ran towards the little guy . "Baby Trey can now talk!" My husband said. (He was exaggerating, of course. He just said a 'word'!) "What did he say? What did he say?" Asked the older brother Kyle. "Just listen."  Answered the dad, almost whispering. Then our little guy started to say a sing-song strings of "Mam...Mam...Ma-ma...," repeatedly. Awwww.... Could it be because I keep on saying, "I'm your ... [ Read More ]

Freebie Monday: Freezer Inventory


What's in the freezer? If you're planning to organize your fridge and list down the items you have, how about printing these free freezer inventory sheets I'm sharing on the blog today? Over the last few months that I've started to share printable freebies on  the blog to help organize  homes, I've been meaning to create a freezer inventory printable. It took me this long to finally create because I keep forgetting it. Maybe because I do my food shopping every week, and the groceries I ... [ Read More ]

Apples of My Eyes

keep me as the apple of your eye

Remember your kid's first day of school? That time when the teacher said that parents are not allowed to enter the classroom and so by the window, you watched your new school kid. Just when they were about to sing, his eyes were looking for someone, and that someone was you! When he finally caught your eye, you waved and he smiled back in return. His eyes sparkled with confidence after that wave of approval from you... then he started singing! That was a scenario with my firstborn. One moment ... [ Read More ]

7 Ideas for Kids’ Art Display {Round Up}


As I've told you, we've just moved to a new home and in this new home, one of my top priorities is to create a Wall of Art where we could beautifully hang my firstborn's works. I want my son to feel proud of his artworks because I see him happily and tirelessly creating day by day. I am sure he'll be delighted to see a wall showcasing his masterpieces! And ever since I thought of this Wall of Art project, I’ve been searching on Pinterest for some ideas. Oh well, I found several pinteresting ... [ Read More ]

Our First Morning in Our New Home


This is our very first morning in our new home. From where I am seated, I can see my three boys all snuggled up in bed. I am the first one to awake as I'll be preparing our breakfast for later. And right now, I have but hymns of gratitude in my heart. We have finally moved to a bigger, more peaceful, more beautiful home!   Ahh, this home. It's is a blessing from my cousin's family. The humble and beautiful family that my husband and I have always looked up to. They have moved to ... [ Read More ]

Your FREE 2016 Planner: Chic and Stylish

This 2016 planner has over 25 clean, colorful and stylishly designed pages to make your life stay organized for a more fruitful year ahead!

My heart is thumping in excitement because I am now releasing  my free planner for 2016 ! The title says it, it is designed it to keep you stylishly organized through out the year! Come browse through, lovely pages of planners to keep your year 2016 organized await you! I've been working for this planner for the past days, doing it during tiny baby's afternoon naps. This planner is a work of heart, I tell you!  I am inspired to create this lovely piece after reading your emails, comments ... [ Read More ]

Run your own race


Ah, that quote. It's precious to me. When I tend to compare myself to others, I get back to it and I am back in track. I have the tendency to match someone else's pace, I admit. And it makes me tired and weary. But with this quote, I am reminded to run at my own pace. I want my children to learn from this quote, too, and not to make unproductive comparisons. I want them to know that someone else's goal may not be the same as theirs and if they dwell on what other people around them are ... [ Read More ]

Your Printable Party Kits!


I've got lovely finds for you this afternoon. The title says it, I have gathered printable party kits for you!  So if you're currently brewing a party for your little one, I am so sure you'll love the links I am about to share as they will all point you to the download sources of absolutely gorgeous free printable themed party kits! Swoon over! Construction Party Kit Since I've got two little boys, the construction themed party printables by Peonies Poppy Seeds caught my attention ... [ Read More ]

Free Printable: Your Lovely 2016 Calendars!

free printable 2016 calendar

Today on the blog, I am beyond thrilled to present to you our free printable 2016 calendars! Yup, you can already plan your year ahead as I am now releasing our lovely calendars for 2016! The design that you're enjoying most dearly among our 2015 calendar sets is what I am again publishing today (but with a little twist-- I filled in the days of the week with colors to prettify it)! Well I guess the entire set is going to make a great calendar to use in planning your year 2016 ahead, ... [ Read More ]

All Lovely: 10 Free Calendars for September 2015

free printable september 2015 calendar

It excites me to release my calendars for the month of September as it is a collection of all my favorite designs for the past months of the year. Yes, our free printable September 2015 calendars are all oh-so-lovely-- guaranteed! Before I'll give the usual preview of the calendars I share monthly, let me tell you this: Releasing calendars is one of my favorite things do in this blog, I admit. But why, I receive emails from some of you telling me how you are using them and it makes my ... [ Read More ]

Life Lessons I Teach to My Kid

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My firstborn is turning 6 in just two more months and  it amazes me how time flies. But in the midst of this amusement, I am also a bit overwhelmed to realize how little time I have to impart the life lessons he has to learn to get him geared up for the world ahead of him. And that little time, I know, is now. While he is this young and eager to learn, I should grab this unique opportunity to teach him important lessons in life to help strengthen his character. What are these? 1. Jesus ... [ Read More ]