• Your Guide: Places to Go to for 2015 Easter Egg Hunt in Metro Manila
  • Your Guide: A Roundup of 2015 Summer Workshops in Metro Manila for Kids!
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Book Sale Alert: Scholastic Sizzling Summer Sale!

Flyer Whse Sale

I have several happy announcements to share but for the mean time, I am making a quick book sale announcement! Scholastic, one of the leading publishers and distributors of children’s books, is having its most awaited warehouse sale on March 23 - May 24, 2015! Check out Scholastic's wide selection of picture books, fiction and nonfiction books, popular series, references, inspirational, arts and crafts and interactive products that are offered at up to 80% discount! Take advantage of the ... [ Read More ]

Week 39: I am ready, baby.

photo (1)

I had my usual talk with the baby in my womb last night, softly telling him that it's nearly time. In fact, I told him that he can actually come out already when he is ready, because his mommy already is. We are now on our 39th week, and at this stage, the baby is already in full term. Hence in any day, any time from now, I could finally see, smell, and touch him... I could finally kiss the baby I've been carefully carrying in my womb for nine months. That excites me in more ways than I could ... [ Read More ]

Free Printable for Your Easter Party!

free Easter printables

Easter is a lovely time to celebrate with family and friends. As early as now, I know some of you are already brewing up an Easter party. You'll be delighted to browse through this post as I am listing down the best download sources for free Easter printable  I've found online. Whether you're planning to host a small backyard party for your family or go all out with your big circle of friends and relatives, you'll love the ease and convenience of these printables as they will instantly add flair ... [ Read More ]

Your Guide: Places to Go to for 2015 Easter Egg Hunt in Metro Manila


Around this time, some of us are already scouting for places where we could take our kids to mark the Easter Sunday's most-awaited tradition: the Easter egg hunt. Too early I know, but it always pays to book and secure our children's slot way ahead in Easter parties they wish to attend, isn't it? There are several establishments in Metro Manila that offer fun ways to celebrate the end of Lent. A number of malls, play areas, restaurants and even hotels in the metro will host Easter ... [ Read More ]

Freebie Monday: Weekly Meal Planner


I always find figuring out what to cook for lunch or dinner the most difficult part about cooking. But if I know what to cook, I am usually more relaxed, especially when all the ingredients I need are complete.  And so for our Freebie Monday, I am sharing lovely sheets of printable weekly meal planners that we can all use in our homes to stay organized and end those dreading what-to-eat questions. The free printable weekly menu planner I've created come in two colors. They're both ... [ Read More ]

37th Week: Calming My Labor Fears

shining mom

Today exactly, I've stepped into my 37th week of pregnancy. And if our second child's delivery will be like his older brother's, we should be expecting the little darling to arrive any time now. I am excited, and at the same time, there is this tint of anxiety. I know labor pain will hurt so much. I am now readying  my body to experience excruciating pain again, like I had with Kyle. Don't get me wrong. My delivery with Kyle wasn't traumatic, the experience was in fact amazing. I ... [ Read More ]

The Soft Launch of ‘Freebie Monday’

free printable birthday chart

What is Freebie Monday? If you are a regular reader of the blog, you know that I do post printable freebies at any day, any time of the week. To make it more predictable, I've decided to release my freebies every Monday, hence the latest segment on the blog: Freebie Monday. So yes, Monday is going to be my gratitude day as it's going to be my day to give back to all of you, my dearest Shining Mom readers. Know that I am forever grateful for all the blessings this blog has poured into my ... [ Read More ]

Your Guide: A Roundup of 2015 Summer Workshops in Metro Manila for Kids!


I came up with a roundup of summer workshops for our kids and teens last year and I am happy to share that it was one of my most visited posts! Several of us are indeed on the lookout for activities that will keep our kids busy and happy while learning something fresh this summer! And since school will be out in just a few more weeks from now, here I am again, compiling the noteworthy summer workshops and sports clinics here in the metro. Have you started asking the kiddos what activities ... [ Read More ]

What kind of mom do you want to be?

the kind of mom I want to be

I remember asking myself that very question before giving birth to Kyle, which I again asked myself a few years later when I was in doubt if I was indeed raising him the way I wanted to. And since I'll give birth to one more love in a little less than a month from now, here I am again assessing myself, asking this very same question: What kind of mom do I want to be? I want to be the kind of mom who finds joy in my kids' achievements no matter how big or small they are. I want to be that ... [ Read More ]

Printable: Family Budget Binder


One of our goals as a family this year is to  better handle our finances. We target to increase our savings and we dream to further our small investment. Our family is growing hence we need to run our finances smoothly. My husband and I made a clear commitment this year:  We have to better handle the money we have to spend and save. Our Simple System of Budgeting What's your family's system in budgeting? Are you using the old concept of envelope budgeting? Whatever it is, I am happy to ... [ Read More ]

Our Valentine Weekend


We had no definite plans as to how we were to celebrate our Valentine's Day. The night before that, we were contemplating whether to go to Angeles City for the Hot Air Baloon Festival because we knew Kyle would surely love to see the balloons, or to just stay home since we knew traffic would be heavy and the restaurants, crowded. But since we woke up late and the Hot Air Balloon show was scheduled to start early, I told the boys that we just stay at home. But my husband insisted that we go ... [ Read More ]

How we bond with our baby on the way

pinto museum kid

Just a little more than 4 weeks and we're finally meeting our new baby. I am joyous feeling how ready I am now to welcome another child to love fully. My heart also melts seeing how eager the dad and the little big brother are to welcome the new member of our small family. Well I think our regular bonding with my bump for the past weeks has helped us build a stronger emotional connection with our little darling on the way. The pregnancy app I’ve downloaded says that as early 6 months, baby’s ... [ Read More ]

Pinteresting Finds: Baby Boy’s Bedroom Ideas


I've been checking out photo inspirations on Pinterest on how I could possibly fit in our soon-to-arrive baby's crib in our small room in such a way that it will look nice. And alongside, I came across several bedroom ideas for baby boys that made me swoon and silently pray to be able to bless my kids to stay in lovely rooms such. Here are the dreamy nursery rooms for boys that I found. I am so inspired to work harder!         Let's all have ... [ Read More ]

Newborn Essentials: A Mom’s Checklist!

maclaren techno xt

We came home from a big shopping of newborn essentials yesterday, and boy, it was tiring, overwhelming (and costly), but fulfilling and exciting at the same time! It felt like five years ago when Alex and I were about to have our first-born Kyle.   Since it has been 5 loong years (which by the way flew by in just a swift), we no longer  have most of the items that we bought and borrowed for Kyle since we gave them away already (and have served the other lovely babies in the family so ... [ Read More ]

On loving two: Will I be able to love my second child as much as my first?

kyle and mom

Before my husband left for work this morning, he casually asked if I was already ready to be a new mom again. “Not yet completely”, I said. I shared  how I excited I am with the arrival of our new joy on the blog last night, but I guess I am being a bit emotional right now knowing that it's going to be so soon (hormones,maybe?). I am concerned about being a mom with two children to love. “How can I equally divide my love to both of my children so that one does not feel ‘less loved' than ... [ Read More ]

Free Printable April 2015 Calendar by Shining Mom

free printable april 2015 calendar

Looking for a free printable April 2015 calendar to use? I have 7 fresh calendar designs for you to choose from! Just like all the monthly calendars released here on the blog, they come in clean designs with plenty of spaces for you to write on. Scroll down and check them out! Cute April 2015 Calendar Since it's summer here in the Philippines and school is officially out, here's a calendar design that kids might like to use to plot out their summer fun! I am starting this roundup with this ... [ Read More ]

Free Printable March 2015 Calendar: Cute and Pretty!

march 2015 printable caledar

I am happy to announce that we're sharing another bunch of freebies today: the free printable March 2015 calendar set! So if you're on the lookout for a desktop calendar to print, check this out! You might love to use our pre-dated March calendars in landscape format with lots of spaces for you to write your special dates and events! I've added two new chic designs for this set, and since some of you have requested that I make the polka dot and  cute heart designs for the entire year, I've ... [ Read More ]

The colorful 2015 Monthly Calendars by ShiningMom.com are here!

2015 calendar free

It's the time of the year that you start scouting for your 2015 calendar and I hear you! Today on the blog, I am sharing another free printable monthly calendar for the year 2015! Since you've enjoyed the 2014 bold and colorful version, I have just created a similar one. Each monthly calendar comes in vibrant splash of refreshing colors, plus lots of white spaces for you to write on--- great and perfect to use to plan your new year ahead! The 2015 monthly calendars I've posted here are ... [ Read More ]