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Encourage your child to imagine: Join the Nesfruta Make it #RealNaReal Promo!

nesfruta drawing promo

I’m wondering, do children today play as imaginatively and creatively as much as we did when were kids? I’m pretty sure you, too, have played “House” (and played the role of the mom, maybe?), or even tried dressing up to be the princess in a magical castle in your fantasy play! How about doodling your paper dolls or imaginative characters on cardboards? Ah, those days! Well, I guess you could say that I am the kind of mom who embraces the value of imaginative play because I enjoyed it so much ... [ Read More ]

My Dream of a Home

dream home

  Kyle said last night while we were all being silly playing in the room, "We are a happy family!" And my husband echoed him, "Yes this is a happy family, we have a happy home!" That's not the first time that I hear those words from my boys, especially from Kyle. Most of the time, when the family is together munching on something, or snuggling up together over a good book or movie, the little boy would give that remark. I guess he learned the concept of a happy family in school, and ... [ Read More ]

Free Printable: Your Pretty 2015 Monthly Calendars!

2015 calendar

To me, one of the finest joys in life is to know that your work is going to be part of someone's life. So when I've received messages from some of you, my dear Shining Mom readers, telling me that you'll be using my 2015 monthly calendars for next year, know that you have warmed my heart. And along with your thank-yous came requests and queries as well, asking if I could release another version-- with the Sunday to Monday calendar date format (because as some of you have said it, that's how ... [ Read More ]

Sweetest Day Ever with Kathryn Bernardo!

kathryn bernardo photos

I felt like being transported back to my younger years when I attended the Blogger’s Day with Kathryn Bernardo last November 18 at Stacy’s in Quezon City. Don’t just eye-candy colors of displays plus the sweets all over make one feel young? How about seeing and mingling with the bubbly and vibrant, Kathryn? Oh, well, blame me not for feeling like a teen once more! The sweet teenage smile of the teen queen is just so contagious! Hahaha! Some of my fellow bloggers and I joined Kathryn on that ... [ Read More ]

Some Pretty Christmas Gift Tags to Print

free printable christmas gift tags

  I already told you how I love everything about the Christmas season. How much I love watching the dancing lights in the streets,viewing the beautiful ornaments,  telling the same stories about Santa to my kid, and so on. But did I tell you how much I  enjoy making, buying and wrapping gifts for my loved ones, too? Ah, I can't believe it's just a few days left before Christmas! Since I am close to checking all the names in my gift list (the momma here is almost done with her ... [ Read More ]

A more blissful pregnancy journey…

capturing my baby bump

Ah, the beauty of knowing that the little darling in my tummy is now having a more peaceful journey! It's just amazing how I feel right now, moms. After being homebound for so long recovering from my surgery during this pregnancy, my heart is now overflowing with joy seeing my long cut healing, while my tummy growing! And now that I am on my 23rd week, I have also left morning sickness and those nasty mood swings! Well I guess I am now enjoying what they call  "pregnancy bloom" as I am now in ... [ Read More ]