• It’s Here: The Merry and Bright 2016 Calendars by Shining Mom!
  • Free Printable: Cute 2016 Calendars by Shining Mom!
  • Free 2016 Monthly Calendars: Bright and Cheery!
  • Your FREE 2016 Planner: Chic and Stylish
  • December 2015 Calendars {Christmas Themed Designs}

Freebie Monday: Printable Christmas Wish List


I can't believe we're barely a week to go before December.  Let me guess: By now, you could probably be hyping the Christmas spirit to your kids already, right? So for today's printable, I'm releasing free Christmas wish list for the little ones to help you build the holiday excitement! Aside from the practicality side (giving their wish list to their grandpas and aunties to avoid double gifting, that is) our printable wish list stationery will also make a great tool for our kids to write ... [ Read More ]

It’s Here: The Merry and Bright 2016 Calendars by Shining Mom!


Oh happy day! I am truly excited to present to you the cheeriest calendar set we have yet: The Merry and Bright 2016 Calendar!!  With its lovely splashes of colors along with its simple and practical design, this ahh-mazing set of calendars is sure to set the right mood for next year. It will help you keep your days organized and of course, blissful!     I understand that your monthly calendar is one of the things you'll always be working with and so I made sure that your copy ... [ Read More ]

Free Printable: Cute 2016 Calendars by Shining Mom!

free monthly calendar for 2016

Thank you for coming over; please allow me to treat you along the way!  I've got some colorful 2016 calendars for you that are absolutely free to download and use! This I must say: My cutest calendars ever so snag your copies now and plan your year ahead! Last week, I've officially launched The 2016 Lovely Freebies by Shining Mom, a series of free printable goodness that I am cheerfully giving away WEEKLY which you can use to plan your year ahead. And so for this week, it is this cute ... [ Read More ]

Dearest Birthday Boy {A Letter of Prayer for My Son}


Wow, you're six years old today! Happy Birthday! I am just beyond thankful to see how amazing boy you have grown: Gentle to your baby brother, sweet to me and dad and wonderful to your friends! I am also proud to see how much you enjoy your school and how smart you are in your class! You're truly a cool kid! So what's our favorite line again these days? " I'd like to document it here so that we can always get back to it even when you're all grown-up. It goes this way:  I'd start our ... [ Read More ]

Free 2016 Monthly Calendars: Bright and Cheery!


Today is your lucky day because the second wave of our free printable 2016 monthly calendar series is here! I'm pretty sure you'll love this new set because as the title says it, it comes in bright and cheery design! Not only that, each monthly calendar has motivational quote that will drive you to do more, love more and enjoy more!  While planning the design and deciding the color palette to use, I had one vision in mind: This 2016 monthly calendar should look positive... it has to ... [ Read More ]

Your FREE 2016 Planner: Chic and Stylish

This 2016 planner has over 25 clean, colorful and stylishly designed pages to make your life stay organized for a more fruitful year ahead!

My heart is thumping in excitement because I am now releasing  my free planner for 2016 ! The title says it, it is designed it to keep you stylishly organized through out the year! Come browse through, lovely pages of planners to keep your year 2016 organized await you! I've been working for this planner for the past days, doing it during tiny baby's afternoon naps. This planner is a work of heart, I tell you!  I am inspired to create this lovely piece after reading your emails, comments ... [ Read More ]

December 2015 Calendars {Christmas Themed Designs}

free printable december 2015 calendar cover

Since December is a busy month for visiting loved ones, buying gifts, attending parties, baking fruitcake and more, I am now releasing your free printable calendars for Christmas 2015. Let's plan the month ahead for a blissful season of Advent, shall we? You know how much I  love Christmas. It's the time of the year that I always look forward to because it reminds me of the three beautiful things I have: My family, my friends and my faith. It's a beautiful season of celebration with the ones ... [ Read More ]

November 2015 Calendars

free printable november 2015 calendar

You know how I love to share my monthly calendars and you know how happy I am in each release! To start this beautiful week, I am pleased to announce that your free printable calendars for November 2015 is done! Yeah, you're right! You can already get your calendars right now and start using them! Why so soon? It's because November is the month of Halloween parties and I so thought that you might be needing them for calendaring your kiddos' events ahead! (And oh, I am actually targetting to ... [ Read More ]

Free Printable: Your Lovely 2016 Calendars!

free printable 2016 calendar

Today on the blog, I am beyond thrilled to present to you our free printable 2016 calendars! Yup, you can already plan your year ahead as I am now releasing our lovely calendars for 2016! The design that you're enjoying most dearly among our 2015 calendar sets is what I am again publishing today (but with a little twist-- I filled in the days of the week with colors to prettify it)! Well I guess the entire set is going to make a great calendar to use in planning your year 2016 ahead, ... [ Read More ]

A Happy Shopper at Super8 {and some practical grocery shopping tips} !


Ever since I became a mom, I can honestly say that I am somehow smarter when it comes to grocery shopping. I've learned not to overspend and to fill my cart with just the essentials. One of my go-to supermarkets is the Super8 Grocery Warehouse. I love it there especially when I am set to buy in bulk. Super8 conveniently provides all my grocery needs, plus a bit more, at a discounted price. Last week, I shared about the 3-day sale happening at Super8 and of course, I grabbed the opportunity to ... [ Read More ]

Just In: Fully Editable 2016 Calendar Templates in MS Word Format

free printable fully editable 2016 monthly calendar

Freshly pinned on the blog this morning are these fully editable blank calendar templates for 2016 that you can now enjoy! Good morning, sweet friends! You know why I've finally decided to release calendars like these? It's because I've been receiving emails from some of your asking if it's ever possible for me to release editable calendar templates in Microsoft Word. Why not, right? So to those who have requested, you can finally enjoy these free custom editable calendar templates by ... [ Read More ]

Giveaway Contest: Help Spread the 1M Clean Toilets Movement and Win a Domex GIFT PACK!

To support the 1 Million Clean Toilets Movement and World Toilet Day, I pledge to
properly clean my toilet, to protect my family from disease caused by unsanitary toilets.  #WorldToiletDay2015

Last week, I fondly shared the 1M Clean Toilets Movement of Domex which aims to encourage a culture of cleanliness by spreading awareness on the importance of maintaining a clean and germ-free toilet in support to the World Toilet Day happening in November 13.  And to further this, Domex has collaborated with me once again and we're rolling out a little contest and we hope you could join to help spread the movement! Question: Who do you protect from disease-causing germs? Who inspires you to ... [ Read More ]

Freebie Monday {and a sweet announcement}


I'm feeling fully energized on a Monday! I jumped quickly out of bed this early morning with so much delight and optimism in my heart simply because I know that this week is going to be a productive week as I am merely two weeks away before the launch of this sweet project I've been working on! There I've said it, I am working on the final touches of a printable project to be released on November 27, 2016 so please mark your calendars and make sure sure to come over here for a little rah-rah for ... [ Read More ]