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Olay Regenerist #MiracleDuo is now in the Philippines!


Ever since I gave birth to my second child, I haven’t been doing my old ways of doing things when it comes to beauty routine—from the way I pamper my hair in the bathroom for hours to the way I massage and clean my face for several minutes in front of the mirror. I always have to do things the quickest possible time, because hey, I have several mommy chores lined up. Happily, now that my baby is entering his second month, he has somehow improved his sleeping pattern and I guess I’ve somehow ... [ Read More ]

On Tiny Trey’s Early Oral Care


Tiny Trey is almost two months old today and in a few more months from now, his teeth will soon start to sprout. While I am in no rush, teething is one milestone that I look forward to. Yes, seeing Trey's first tooth to come out will bring me enormous joy, yet is is also one thing that worries me a bit as I know it will cause him pain and discomfort. I remember that with my firstborn Kyle, teething was too painful! He was fussier because of the swelling and soreness in his gums. To comfort ... [ Read More ]

Freebie Monday: Stay organized weekly!


It has been quite  a while since I posted a printable for our Freebie Monday, right? It's because ever since I gave birth to my second love, my hands have always been so full!  I'm happy that last night, my newborn slept for six hours straight (a milestone!) and so the momma here had the chance to make a freebie that she really needs as well: a weekly planner. I am so particularly passionate about organizing my time but for the past weeks, I placed everything at bay since my focus was with ... [ Read More ]

More family moments with Happy Meal Books

Happy Meal Books (1)

I know most of us moms are looking forward to our bonding moment with the kids... and isn't it that a good book is always a great way to snuggle up together? I am happy to share that to make family time more special,  McDonald’s iconic “Happiness in a Box” now comes with a storybook to inspire families to read and share stories together. “Family moments are what we aim for at McDonald’s. We are in a position to make elusive family moments possible so we’re maximizing this privilege by ... [ Read More ]

A Touching Tribute to Moms Like You

I'd like to share with you this heartwarming video that shows the nurturing and timeless love of moms.  Thank you NIDO for this beautiful Mother's Day tribute!  Different Times, Same Love. ... [ Read More ]

10+1 Free Recipe Cards to Print

free recipe card

I am happily sharing 10 of the prettiest free printable recipe cards I found online! So if you think you finally have the time to write down your favorite recipes for recipe-keeping, go ahead and check out these pretty designs with different themes.  These cards are not just perfect to use for preserving family recipes, they also make sweet homemade recipe gifts for friends! Well, aside from the 10 pretty recipe card designs that I have put together, I have also designed a new set for you, ... [ Read More ]