2013 Printable Disney Calendars for Your Kids

Does your kid love Disney characters? If you are looking for some printable 2013 Disney calendars you can download, check out the fresh designs included here; or, If you are planning to have a calendar project with your kid, read this easy DIY calendar-making guide!

Family Project: Disney Calendar for 2013

Making personalized calendars can be a fun family bonding activity. Before the new year strikes, letting kids decorate their own room calendar will make them more excited for the coming year. Here are some free kids printable Disney calendar templates  (in 8.5×11′ size) to inspire you!

Right click to download this printable 2013  Disney Mickey Mouse Calendar.

Mickey Mouse Calendar
My son loves Mickey and Minnie mouse. He dances with them each time he hears the “Hotdog” dance on TV. That being said, I got inspired to layout this cool calendar! You may also use this as a scrapbook page. 

Right click to download this free Disney Princess Calendar for 2013.

Disney Princess Calendar 
I have created this calendar with my nieces Mia and Yana in mind. They love pink and they will surely love this very dainty design!

Right click to download this printable 2013  Disney Mickey Mouse Calendar.

2013 Pocoyo Calendar
My son also loves  Pocoyo. He enjoys watching this friendly character on Disney Junior! Does your little boy love watching pocoyo on TV too? :)

Create a Personalized Calendar!

Now it’s your time to let your creativity splurge all through the way! Ready to start this calendar-making activity with your kid?  Here, follow these steps to guide you!

  1. First, look for downloadable blank calendars on the web. You may get blank calendars for 2013 at www.wincalendar.com
  2.  Click the Microsoft Publisher Program in your computer.
  3. Choose the ” Blank Page” option on the menu bar and then click the “Blank Page.”
  4. Click “Insert Picture” option from the tool bar and insert  calendar you have first downloaded.
  5.  To insert family pictures, Disney images or anything you wish, click “Insert Picture” once again.
  6.  You may change the back ground of your calendar clicking  the “Apply Background ” button and then choose your desired style.
  7. To add personal messages, add text by clicking the “Insert Text” button. 

Have fun creating your Disney calendars for 2013! 

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