Exploring Photosynthesis: Fun Worksheets and Activities for Kids

Our kids learn about photosynthesis in school. To help them understand the topic better, let us help them explore the lesson at home through these printable photosynthesis worksheets and activities.

There is no denying the fact that our kids learn better through study aids. And worksheets are great tools for their learning. Today, Shining Mom features some great resources for photosynthesis worksheets you can download and  use.

A Roundup of Photosynthesis Worksheets 

I have listed the five best worksheet sources I found on the web. Visit the respective sites and enjoy answering and teaching them to your kids.

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PhotosynthesisWorksheet for First Graders {Education .Com}
This coloring page is a playful way to introduce the topic to your first grader. The picture diagram which shows the process of photosynthesis makes this worksheet highly recommended. The site also offers fill-in-the blanks worksheets to reinforce your kid’s understanding of the topic. Click here to view and download.

Next on the list is a very comprehensive quiz on photosynthesis. Loaded with almost all he information a student needs, this is an excellent tool to lay down all the knowledge your kid should learn about the topic.

Crossword Puzzles {Teacher Vision}
If you feel like giving a worksheet the looks light but is actually information-filled, giving away this crossword puzzle on photosynthesis is a great trick.

PhotosynthesisFlash Cards{Online Activity from Quizlet}
Have your kids try this challenging online quiz on photosynthesis or view the flash cards to learn more about the topic. You can also find 65 essential terms about photosynthesis from this site.The Lesson Planet {lessonplanet.com}
This website offers teacher-approved Photosynthesis worksheet ideas and activities . It has a wide selection to choose from.  From simple worksheets such as completing a Venn diagram of the process of photosynthesis to complex ones such as conducting a science investigation and then responding to questions regarding the photosynthesis investigation are listed here.

Hands-On Science: A Fun Activity for Your Tiny Tot 

Do Plants Need Sunlight?
For the younger ones, seeing the importance of sunlight for plant growth is essential. Have your little one conduct his first experiment at home by planting mongo seeds.

Here’s how:
Tell your kid that you are conducting an experiment to know if plants need sunlight in order to survive.

    • Plant mongo seeds in two different pots. Place the first pot in direct sunlight and the cover the other one with a brown paper bag.
    • Have your kid give the plants same amount of water each day.
    • After two weeks, ask your kid which plants are healthier. The plant placed in direct sunlight or the ones which do not get sunlight at all. Explain that plants under the sun are healthier since they was able to undergo photosynthesis.

Hope your kids will learn a lot from the photosynthesis worksheets and activities listed above. Have a great day ahead, moms!