Make Your Own Cookbook With These Free Templates

It’s pretty hard to find a free cookbook template on the web but if you have a flair for cooking and if you really want to see your very own recipes on a cookbook to give as a gift or to put on your kitchen’s table for everybody’s ready-use, you will surely find a way.

Last weekend, I decided to make my own cookbook. No, I am not a master chef, I just have The passion for great food thus I’m pushing myself to  prepare something delectable to eat at home. I mostly cook for my little boy since my husband is always at work.  And contrary to what others say, I find cooking for my toddler easy, after all, kids are not born to be picky eaters right mommy?

In my desire to kick off a lifetime of good eating habits to Kyle, I have collated some simple, healthy and practical recipes (mostly given by friends) for him . I tried to search for ready-made cookbook templates online so I could compile my not-so-long list of recipes but it was quite maddening to realize that there were only a very few templates available.

Just in case you feel like making your own cookbook too, here are the downloadable cookbook templates I found to ease your search. You can pick from these 5 templates available below:

Cookbook Template in Publisher
I am always a big fan of Brighthub’s desktop publishing channel as they always have useful downloadable templates available. I found Rose Moor’s cookbook template which I am highly recommending if you are a little artsy because you can  include your own artwork, family stories, family photos, and an inspirational quotes along with your recipes.

Cookbook Template in Photoshop
Amber Neely created a very simple layout with chunky pepper stew borders. I have used this page in layouting my soup recipe.

Cookbook Template in MS Word
This downloadable cookbook template has editable form fields. You can add your own pictures and type your own recipe in any font style you like! It also has drawings of food, sections for a table of contents, recipes, and index.

Cookbook Software
Brothersoft site has a list of cookbook templates to choose from. Some of the cookbook templates here are free to download while others are charged at a minimal cost.

Design Your Own Cookbook!
If you want to test your creativity go ahead and make your own recipe page like I did! After using some templates listed above, I have tried to create my very own cookbook template using Microsoft Publisher. I used the ready-made template. I simply added pictures and typed my own recipe and viola, my very own cookbook design! Look at my very humble recipe book!

No time to create your own? Should you like to print ready-made recipe cards, I have listed 11 free printable recipe cards for you! These cards are all pretty? Do you want to see them? The free recipe cards are here!

  • Sueann

    This post is for people
    who love to cook like me.

    8 STEPS On How to Buy the
    right Cookbook

    1)Figure out what type of
    cookbook you are looking for. ie. Pastries, salads, baking, regional,
    etc. What do you want to cook?

    2)Go to your local book
    store. Search the cookbooks section. Look for different types of
    books and peruse the recipes to see if they appeal to you.

    3)Look at the list of
    ingredients. If there are many, or they seem unfamiliar to you or
    expensive, consider if you want to prepare these dishes. Will you use
    this cookbook?

    4)Look at the steps for
    preparation. If there are many, and the dish takes a long time to
    make, consider if you will want to do that. Will you use this
    cookbook much?

    5)Determine if you want a
    broad or focused book. Do you want recipes that cover all basic types
    of dishes from soup to cookies, or do you want one that specializes
    in pizza, cakes, vegetables, etc.?

    6)Look up recent book
    reviews of newly published cookbooks. Your favorite TV chef might
    have a new book out. See what others write about the book to learn if
    it interests you.

    7)Go to the local library
    and check out a book similar to one you might buy. Try some recipes
    to see if you really want to own such a book.

    8)Consider what cookbook
    to give as a gift. Who will use it and how do they cook? Don’t buy a
    book they will never use. If necessary, buy a practical general
    cookbook, or choose one that fits their hobby.