Meaningful time with my Kid at Greenbelt Park and in Ayala Museum

After attending an event in Makati, I took my kid to Greenbelt Park because I knew he would want to feed the fishes again. I initially planned that we stay there for just a few minutes, and would go home immediately  but when he asked “Can we stay longer, mom?” with a big smile on his face,  I found myself saying “yes”.  “They’re still hungry, they want to eat more!”The boy added.

greenbelt fish pond

In my almost 5 years of being mom, these days are my glorious days in terms of having the luxury of time to spend with my child. You see, I was a teacher for 8 years (and a teacher’s work does not usually end in school because you still have committee works and some take-home jobs to do), hence time isn’t always ample. I resigned from work last month because I wanted to chase my dream to do home-based jobs to spend more time with my family (and manage my own business, too) and luckily, I now work from home and it’s doing  well  so far (the business will come very soon, I pray). It’s better than I expected because blessings in different languages are just pouring.

So that unhurried afternoon, we spent hours and hours at Greenbelt, feeding fish, promenading in mall, drinking our favorite milk tea and eating our favorite snack, together.

How I love what Dr. Harley A. Rotbart said (published in about spending meaningful time with our kids: “Your children need to spend meaningful time with you. They need to see who you are and how you live your life. And in return, they will help you to better see who you are.” It’s true, we learn so much from each other together.


quality time with kid


My kid is so different when it’s just the two of us that go out. He acts like a little gentleman, and he is at his sweetest. He showers me with endless hugs, and surprises me with butterfly kisses on my hand.


greenbelt garden


After staying at the lagoon for hours, we had a side trip to the Ayala Museum which is also nestled at the heart of  Greenbelt Park.

ayala museum

Since taking pictures is not allowed, I only took this sole photo outside the Ayala Museum.

The boy and I enjoyed looking at historical artifacts and artworks on display. We started our tour at the fourth floor and Kyle was especially amused to watch the video presentation at the Gold of Ancestors exhibit. We also stayed long looking at the golden funerary masks. He was super curious with the masks and I tried to answer his questions  the simplest way I could. My objective in taking him to the museum was plainly for cultural appreciation and leisure, not to dwell hard-core on history just yet (that will come when he gets older).

We also had a wonderful time at the Diorama Experience exhibit which presented the dioramas of Philippine history. They depict sixty major events and themes in history, from prehistoric Philippines to the recognition of Philippine independence by the United States in 1946. At the last section of the exhibit is a multimedia presentation of the People Power which chronicled significant events, including the martial law years, that led to the First EDSA People Power Revolution in 1986. It was a beautiful presentation that rekindled those beautiful and heartwarming happenings in People Power days at Edsa.

I am pleased to share with you that you can now view the dioramas right on your screen. As part of Ayala Museum’s participation in the international Google Art Project, high-resolution images of fifteen select dioramas have been uploaded to the web. You may now visit the Dioramas @ Google Art Project site to see these majestic works!

Here’s snippet of what you’ll see there:

ayala museum diorama

Indeed, we had a great time in the museum and at the park, together. It was a beautifully, beautifully spent afternoon.

The boy dropped just another heartwarming line when were already in the cab on our way home. He whispered, “You’re so cool mom.  I love you.”

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of time. =)


Ayala Museum Rates:
Resident: PHP 225.00
Non-resident: PHP 425.00

Student, Senior Citizen
Resident: PHP 125.00
Non-resident: PHP 300.00
*Teachers get complimentary admission upon presentation of their faculty IDs

Ayala Museum Viewing Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday, 9:00 Am- 6:00PM

  • Yo Momma Ina

    hi there kaye! i love this post of yours!
    I SAW THIS place when we went to manila for a trip last week and i even got some pictures of this place…. ganda at ang lalaki ng mga fishes… =) really lovely and your son is really happy to be there hah… =)

  • shiningmom

    Thank you, mommy Ina! =)