Mommy is slowing down.

While I am typing this out in my laptop, I am nursing my sleeping boy in the hospital. I am currently monitoring his temperature. And as I do it, my heart bleeds.

 It has been a full week for me: We have no helper in the house, we had accreditation visit in school (which I am very pleased about), I attended a seminar, we worked on some few things needed for the incoming year-end awarding, I finished sponsored articles for the blog,  and here I am now, pacing down, looking after my sick boy.

I remember my conversation with my child yesterday. Since his yaya (nanny) is on emergency leave for three days, we had to take him to my brother’s place since no one was going to look after him at home.  When I was about to leave, my boy cried and said, “Mommy, dito ka lang please? Gusto ko ikaw mag-alaga sa akin!” I assured him that  I will fetch him as soon as I’m done with my work in school and kissed him goodbye.  I told him to enjoy his day with his cousins. He smiled upon hearing that.

Five hours later, I received a call telling me that Kyle has fever.

The following day, Alex filed a leave from work and took Kyle to the Medical City because the boy’s fever has been on and off since.

My boy has been admitted to the hospital.

I am very OC when it comes to my child’s safety. I’ve been worrying a lot about dengue and so I always instruct grace to spray and clean the house! Where did he get this virus? Could it be in the basketball court? Mall? Playgrounds?  School?  I don’t know.Where else is safe nowadays?

Fighting sickness. My boy at TMC hospital.

“How are you son?”  I asked.
“Sick mommy.” He responded.
“Dito ka lang?”  (Stay right here, Okay?)He asked. I nodded.
“Do you want a new to car?” I asked again.
“Just medicine mommy.”He said. The boy must be in pain. :(

Seeing him with shooting fever every now and then breaks my heart. But this is the time when a mom’s strength is tested. I shall carry this on with grace. I have to be strong because my Kyle is a strong kid. He’ll get through this, I know.

Meanwhile, I have to be just here beside him.  I still have pending tasks and I have a scheduled travel with my officemates this weekend but I am not leaving my child. Kyle needs me. And so I will just stay right here, leaving everything behind, slowing down.

Update: This blog post is published late,  Kyle is well already.
 Where I am seated right now, I can see him running and playing again. God is good! =)
  • Tisa

    Hi Khaye! Glad to know that Kyle is already well and good. Hope to see you again soon! 😀

  • shiningmom

    Thanks Tisa! Yes, I am praying that we will meet again soon!haha =)