The Free Printable 2014 Calendar by Shining is here!

My free printable 2014 calendar is finally here! I have designed these desktop calendars just now and I can’t wait for the new year to share them. These monthly calendars were created using Microsoft Publisher and Craft Artist.  They’re clean-looking with lots of white spaces for you to write on. And since I am wishing for a more colorful 2014 for all of us, the months are written in colorful fonts!  Simply right click the images to save them, and use short bond paper (8.5×11 inches) when printing. Enjoy these calendars, moms! I hope you can use them!

January 2014
February 2014
March 2014

 April 2014
May 2014
June 2014

Since the images are all in high resolution, I had to upload the remaining calendar sheets on a separate post. Please click here to download the free printable 2014 calendar for the months of July to December. I’ve also created another set of calendars for 2014 which prints clearer in PDF format, get it here.

  • nikkiknack

    Thank you so much for posting this calendar!

  • shiningmom

    You’re most welcome. I hope you can use it! =)

  • Heather Sanderson

    I LOVE these calendars and would love to use them, however when I save them to my downloads and print them to fit an 8.5×11 page they are blurry. If i just open them and want to print them they are smaller than an 8.5×11 page by a lot….can you tell me what i’m doing wrong? Really want to get these printed for this year today so I can plan my cleaning calendar!

  • Lindsey P

    Thanks so much for sharing! I love the colorful touches.

  • mrsrellim

    Thank you for sharing your Calendar! Now I can finish my Christmas presents!

  • Stephanie

    I don’t see a link to download these calendars. Are they no longer available?

  • lale

    this calendar is so cute!! But maybe it’s wrong: in 2014 january 8 will be a TUESDAY, not a thursday… isn’t it?

  • Star

    I love the calendar. I like that the month is colorful, but the overall calendar is just plain grey. It makes it fun to look at, but still nice and clean. Thanks sooo much.

  • Julie Anne

    I love these, and am working on them now! I just wanted to let you know that the February calendar has the 16th for the 17th (so the 16th is there twice). :) Thanks for making these!

    • Shining Mom

      It has been edited, thank you! =)

  • Marija N.

    Lovely! Thanks a bunch…

  • thehealthychick

    I’m curious what font did you use for the month names? I love it so much and want to use it for other projects

  • Pamela Frederick

    I printed January and February but both look rather blurry…especially the numbers. Am I doing something wrong?

  • shiningmom

    I have edited them, thanks so much for the heads up. =)

  • shiningmom

    You’re welcome! Happy New Year!

  • Kanika Sharma

    Thank you for sharing this adorable, clean and colourful calendar!

  • Kathryn Depew

    Thanks so much, love these calendar pages!

  • Sheneela Akram

    Oh thank you so much. These are just what I wanted to plan my posts in advance. Simple and cute at the same time.

  • aria

    these are adorable! I’d love to figure out how to download the large size…for some reason I am only able to download the small web version that looks pixelized. :/

  • Bav

    It’s actually a Wednesday

  • Netty

    Thanks you SOOO much, these calendars are perfect! This is my first time visiting your site, so I can’t wait to see what else I can dig up :)

    Happy New Year,
    Annette in Cali

  • Lena Penteado

    Thanks for sharing this, I loved it :)

  • Laila

    Very nice. Could use it as a dinner planner, or wardrobe planner.

  • shiningmom

    Thanks so much! I’m happy that you can use them. =)

  • Npyasumin

    Thanks you very much. I use it for tabular tests. ^__^